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Heel pain, plantar fasciitis, and orthotics

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Well, the half marathon I ran a couple of weeks ago was not as simple as it seemed at first. A couple of days after the event, I started to notice sharp pain in my left heel and pretty much the bottom of my feet. as a jogger, there is always some sort of discomfort that must be dealt with. I'm not exactly light-weight, so I'm realistic about this fact. But the heel pain was beginning to interfere with my activity and I couldn't have that.

As easy and straight-forward as it seems, there is a certain amount of focus and concentration that is required when jogging or running. When your focus is disrupted by a pain like this one, the whole experience of jogging becomes a torment. Worse, I would experience the pain if I put any pressure on my feet, like when walking or standing.

Having a low tolerance to pain, one of my wife's favorite points of mocking me, I began to search for a cure, and fast. searching Google revealed a condition known as plantar fasciitis that seemed to match my symptoms. the condition, prevalent amongst runners, is generally caused by damaging and tearing connective tissues in the foot. the recommended treatments mentioned were heel cups, orthotics, and night splints.

Several years ago feeling a sharp pain in the middle of my foot while running, I had visited my podiatrist and had received a pair of orthotics. Hard to believe, but they helped with the pain from the first use. I continued to use them until about six months ago when I bought new jogging shoes that seemed to provide sufficient arch support, so I abandoned the orthotics. Could they help with this new pain? Having few options, I decided to give them a try and I was incredulous at the huge reduction in pain.

being flat-footed, as I am, is a pain, literally. The good news is that there are effective treatments to mitigate the pain. in my case orthotics have been the answer. Most insurance companies don't cover the cost of medically prescribed orthotics, but they provide the best support. At around $400, they are not cheap, but to me they are priceless. I know I will never run again without them.

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