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Death is too easy

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I wonder what goes on in the diabolical mind of a man who rapes and murders an innocent child.

In this case the culprit was captured and a jury found him guilty. Insane or not, these parasites have no right to life, but there is plenty of good uses for them. Instead we waste perfect specimen by giving them an easy death at best.

They can be studied by psychologists in an attempt to understand their sickness. Use all the electric shock that's necessary. They can be used in drug, cosmetic, or chemical testing, instead of the poor animals. Their organs can be given to patients desperately awaiting transplants. Use them as baits for terrorists. No problem if they get beheaded or blown up.

I may sound cruel here, but put yourself in the place of the terrorized child being over-powered by this monster, and my ideas here might seem lenient.

Here's the link to the news item. You might want to skip it if you are easily disturbed. http://www.msnbc.msn.com/id/10083214/

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