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Jogging in the rain

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You've gotto love the Northeast weather. One minute it's warm and the next minute it gets cold with a heavy downpour.
Such was my jogging for tonight. While I knew the rain was on the way, I thought I might get lucky and beat it. No such luck. I jogged my entire 5-mile route in rainy and windy weather that seemed to get worse by the minute. My wind breaker was no match for the drenching force of nature. By the time I got back, I was watter-logged like a sponge dipped in a sink-full of water.
I am not a big fan of rain. Ice and snow, I can handle, but wet jogging isn't my idea my fun. It takes a tremendous amount of patience for me not to get flustered. Add to that the fact that it gets dark pretty early at this time of year, and I've got a double whammy. I did utter the F word once when I landed in a deep puddle of water. It was quite a splash.
I suppose the only upside to this misery is the extra weight you gain as your clothing soak up the rain. But the few extra burned calories is not worth the annoyance. Okay, enough complaining. No one forced me to go out there and pound the pavement. It's not the first time I got soaked running outside, and certainly it won't be the last.

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