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Holiday Calories

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running shoes
Christmas and gluttony! How well they go together. Every year it’s the same thing. You promise yourself moderation, and it ends up being all but an empty vow. Chocolate at work, chocolate at home, chocolate at parties, chocolate everywhere. How's one to resist? A rational mind would give it up by now and surrender to the sweets, and I guess trying my best logic, I have also decided that wasting time with thoughts of abstinence is an exercise in futility.

So what a man to do to extricate the pounds of chocolate poison. For me the only solution is running. Fortunately I still have my legs and while I feel them buckling under the extra weight I just rev it up a little more during holidays. Today's mileage was about 10 miles and it felt pretty good. Supplemented with a couple of glucosamine pills (do they actually do anything useful?) and a couple of grapefruits (my all-time favorite fruit), and my body gets some semblance of balance, admittedly still a bit lop-sided.

So when I got back from the run, the chocolate was still patiently waiting for me. Willy Wonka would not be disappointed.

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