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Ariel Sharon

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Since the media is abuzz with Sharon's grim condition I thought I offer my 2 cents on this. Once again the con artists of the world have used god and religion in describing Sharon's condition. On one side you have the infantile Ahmadinejad of Iran offering his views on how he wished Sharon would die in retaliation of his past deeds. On the other side there's Pat Robertson with his rants of the bible verses and how god's wrath has brought about the man's sickness. Then there are the rabbis who have encouraged the Israelis to flock to their temples and pray to god for his recovery. As if god is suddenly going to wake up, take notice of this drivel, and either expedite or reverse his actions. What a pile of manure.

I'd like to call these people insane, but they are in reality shrewd fraudsters spreading superstition among the naive. The man is 77 years old and over-weight. By all accounts he's lived a long and comfortable life. His illness is neither untimely nor unexpected. Anyone who lives to the age of 77 could be expected to kick the bucket at any moment. It's physiology, not divine action. Based on the interpretation of these people, anyone who dies or is near death must have been a villain and god is exacting punishment on him. Then they had better look up their own family trees and declare their dead as evil-doers.

If there ever was such a place as hell, these crooks would have special early passes to enter the land of fire. Alas, god, heaven, and hell are all but tools in the hands of charlatans to deceive the masses. People have lived and died for uncounted years and there is no stopping biology, at least not for the foreseeable future. We are all destined to die and get recycled. What happens after that is anyone's guess. Even these liars know that, but they certainly aren't going to admit to that. There's just too much money and power at stake.

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