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Million dollar home page eBay auction

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Like many people around the world I have been both admiring and envious with the success of Alex Tew and his million dollar home page venture. While many might attribute the guy's success to his innovative approach, persistence, or foresight, I have to believe that luck played a big role. But then again luck is an important ingredient of just about any venture. Being at the right place, at the right time, and making the right moves made this plan work. All well deserved.

The interesting twist was the final 1,000 pixels that went up for an eBay auction. It's been educational following that event. In its own way, this auction was a good window into how eBay auctions work, and the fact that they're not always smooth. There were fake bids, wrong bids, change of description, among others. Bids swung from $1 to over $6 million. How can a bidder make an offer with confidence if the veracity of the last bid is unknown?

Someone won the hyped final spot on the million dollar home page. I wonder if the final price is worth the exposure received and if it could have been had for a much lower price. I also wonder what I would have done if I were running the site. Most likely I would have sold the last spot to the next in line at the same price as others. It's still too soon to tell if a whole new industry (pixel advertising) was launched as the result of this site, but one thing is for sure: this guy is a much better entrepreneur than I am.

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