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New life for assisted suicide

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A fair decision came out of the supreme court today. It basically told the Feds to butt out of Oregon state's doctor-assisted suicide law. Oregon is the only state in US that allows physicians to assist terminally ill patients to end their lives with dignity.

The right-wing agenda (including that of the current administration) is to force their religious beliefs on the whole nation no matter what the cost. I can't understand what gives the government the right to interfere with one's wishes to be rid of pain and suffering. Specially in the US where personal liberties are cherished and should remain undisturbed.

A decision to end one's life is not a simple one, but such decision should be left to the individual making the choice. I can see that a healthy young person with a death wish might be considered insane and would require intervention to keep him safe, but the same logic can not and should not be applied to a suffering patient with a terminal case.

What the conservatives are conveying is that it's better to sit and watch a person die in pain, than to give him a choice to die gracefully. In that case they are nothing short of sadistic beasts. Perhaps they are just obeying orders from their so-called god. Then they have allowed their beliefs to trump their fellow human's rights. That's what I call opportunistic. In a selfish act to be rewarded by god, they force others to suffer. Not so different a mentality than a cruel criminal.

People shouldn't have to fight to die in dignity because others want to obey their gods and gain an admission ticket to the kingdom of heaven. If you want to die in pain, that's your business. And if I want to die in peace, that's mine. You can disapprove if you want, but you shouldn't have the right to see me suffer, unless I grant you that right. If your purported merciful god really did exist, it wouldn't allow suffering to begin with.

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