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Slush running

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Of all types of weather to jog in, the rainy ones are my least favorite. I just don't enjoy running wet, unless it's from my own sweat. So when tonight I saw pouring rain outside my workplace, I was prepared to come up with a bunch of excuses to postpone my date with the road until tomorrow.

Then the news came that my town, being in higher elevations, actually had blizzard conditions. That did it. I suited up and got in the car for the drive home. Indeed, as I got closer to home, the rain switched to snow and by the time I got to my parking spot in the town center, it was all snow.

Jogging in snow is definitely harder than jogging in dry conditions or in the rain. There is much more resistance to overcome and one needs to spent energy guarding against slipping, but I don't mind it. The only problem was that the snow was actually falling on a fair amount of slush underneath and soon my shoes started to get heavy from splashing in all that mess.

The worst part of the run came when a heavy truck sped by and my pants received a good amount of tire splash. A couple of hard profanities to ease the anger, and then I continued on. After so many years of running outside, I have accepted the annoyances that come with the territory. A treadmill in a climate-controlled room would be so much easier, but for me that would be too artificial.

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