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Dubai runs US ports

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Now that the Cheney's shooting incident has run its course in the media, attention seems to be focusing on the purchase of the British port operator by a Dubai company. The transaction means that the operation of six US sea ports would now be the responsibility of the new Dubai-based company.

The specter of US ports being operated by an Arab outfit has many people worried about their safety, even though the sale was given the nod by the current republican administration. Law makers from both sides of the isle have been questioning the wisdom of such sale and the possibility of the terrorists using this avenue as a route to attack American interests.

While I consider myself a liberal, mostly opposed to the republican ideology, I must assume the democrat's opposition to this sale is mainly partisanship nonsense. The world of economy is an international and inter-connected web of cooperation. Just because an Arab country invests in a US-based interest, it shouldn't signal ulterior motives other than business and profit decisions.

The Dubai company was vetted by homeland security as well as other federal agencies before such approval was given. The security of these ports is in no way compromised as they continue to be monitored by federal entities. Therefore one must assume that most of the uproar is about political mud-slinging and muscle-flexing and little about security. If the administration had chosen to fight the acquisition, democrats would probably still question the administration. Politicians!

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