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Powerball lottery

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It's an old tired statement, but why do people begin to care when lottery hits the $100 million mark? Isn't a mere $10 million enough? There was a time when I used to religiously play the lotto. That was years ago. A few times I hit the minimum payouts of $2 and $3 dollars. I believe once I had four out of six numbers with the prize of less than $20. Then one time, nearly 12 years ago, I got five out of six numbers and claimed somewhere around $2,600. I would have had a $2 million winner had I had one more number right.

In those dreamy days, every time I bought a ticket, my mind was filled with the hopes of hitting the jackpot. I suppose a couple of dollars was worth the fantasy. But as the years wore on, and the reality of life and responsibility became a more predominant preoccupation, the magic withered, and with each loser ticket I lost a little more interest until there was no excitement left. It's a rare event if I buy a ticket in a month's time these days.

Recently the Powerball jackpot began to reach a sizeable amount. It's around $300 million as of this writing. So when I given an opportunity to participate in an office pool, I just couldn't turned it down. I could only imagine how I would feel if I were left out of the windfall should one of those picks be the right one. Talk about a life-long depression.

Today I made my third $5 investment in the lottery pool of about 20 people. I just hope someone hits the jackpot soon. I am going broke winning the lotto.

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