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Energy drinks paradox

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Tab Energy Drink
As I remember from my biology classes of decades ago, food is what gives us energy. Suddenly this seemingly common-sense belief had been turned on its head thanks to the bevy of new drinks sweeping the market, known as energy drinks.

The other day I saw a can of Tab in the grocery store with the phrase "Low Calorie Energy Drink" printed right on the can and suddenly the absurdity of this statement hit me. How could a low calorie drink produce any energy? Tab is one of the old diet drinks on the market. Diet Coke and Diet Pepsi are perhaps the reigning diet drinks, but by some accounts Tab still has a solid following, which is why you can still find it on store shelves.

With the success of so called energy beverages such as Gatorade, Red Bull and Monster, many more are getting into the fray, and some, like Tab, use their established names to attract a piece of the multi-billion dollar energy drink market share.

Am I too old-fashioned not to fall for the hype? Perhaps. I had never tried these drinks until last week when I was given a free promotional bottle of Powerade, the competitor to Gatorade. I was excited to taste this potion and see what the fuss was all about. One taste of this nasty mediciny drink and I tossed it right into the garbage can. Thanks, but no thanks.

If I want an energy drink, regular high-fructose corn syrup Coke will do just fine. If I want to stay alert, tea or coffee fit the bill, and if I'm thirsty cold water or seltzer is my magic potion. As the saying goes, if it ain't broken don't fix it. No gimmicky energy drink can replace a glass of cold milk or orange juice for me. Let the hip crowd enjoy the newfangled chemically fortified drinks, I stay with my old-fashioned boring drinks.

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