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Google adsense settlement

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Last week’s news of Google settling the adsense lawsuit for $90 million dollar, finally put to rest the dark cloud that was hanging over Google for quite some time. Click fraud is a known and abused strategy by which scammers can generate revenues while unscrupulous competitors can drain advertising funds from each other.

The settlement, if nothing, is a good move for Google. While they claims that they do a good job thwarting junk clicks, of which I’m sure they do, Google has decided to be fair and own up to the fact that its methods are not fool-proof. Instead of arrogantly sticking to its guns, Google decided to play nice and that’s a win for all parties involved.

Click fraud will continue to dog this industry for the foreseeable future, but by making this move Google has also assured a commitment to its advertisers. So in the long term this bit of settlement money is a good investment for its reputation and ultimately its future as it explores new streams of advertising revenues.

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