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Jogging in the heat wave

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The entire U.S. is baking in the summer heat. Add oppressive humidity to that for the Northeast and you have a recipe for heat stroke and other heat-related issues. So how can I not heed the challenge and not go out for a jog?

That’s exactly what I did this evening. Admittedly it wasn't at the height of the heat, nor was I the only one out there defying nature. There were a few other crazy souls out pounding the pavement. But if there was any pounding, the runners were taking the brunt of it. I will not debate the wisdom of running in this kind of weather, especially without any water. Suffice it to say, it's unwise. By the time I was done, my body temperature was dangerously high and I was soaked from head to running shoes.

Thankfully the end of my route was right by the local grocery store and I immediately went inside. The cool air inside the store could only be characterized as life-giving. As I walked the isles to pick up a few things, I was confronted with the stares of the strangers who no doubt were sizing me up discreetly with disgust, making sure not to get too close to the sweaty guy. I don't blame them, I could barely tolerate myself in that state.

I am finally home. After taking a cold shower and drinking a ton of iced seltzer (my favorite drink), I am almost back to normal now. I couldn't help but compare this to my jogs in the dead of winter and how the steam rising from my body would form ice crystals under my wind breaker. I guess all of this is par for the course for a jogging addict. As long as this body can take the abuse, I have little to complain about. If only my organs could talk.

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