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Versatile Grape

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One of my strange traits is to sometimes take note of seemingly trivial, unimportant things about stuff. Like the other day I was having grapes and it occurred to me that this fruit is one the most versatile foods that I can think of.

Let's see:

  • By themselves, grapes make a great snack. They are nutritious, rife with vitamins and fiber.
  • Unripe grapes are used in many cultures as a souring agent to enhance the flavor of various dishes.
  • Raisins (dried grapes) can be enjoyed by themselves or added to various foods and desserts. Did you know A1 stake sauce counts raisins as of its ingredients?
  • Grapes are fermented into wine.
  • In turn wine becomes vinegar.
  • Grape juice is yet another product extracted from grapes.
  • Grape jelly is also another product that comes from grapes.
  • Grape seeds are used to produce grape seed oil.
  • Grape leaves are used to make various wraps.
  • Those are just a few items that I can think of quickly. I'm sure I left out a whole bunch of other usages. Let me know what other products are derived from grapes. Is there another fruit more versatile than grape? I can't think of any, but if you do, let's hear it. Meanwhile I am grateful (or I should say, grapeful) for having this fruit and thankful to all the farmers and food companies that produce the versatile grape and all of its byproducts.
    Photo courtesy PDPhoto.org.

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