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Ducati dreams

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Ducati 999
I'm probably one of the few people on earth who hasn't seen the entire Matrix trilogy. I actually caught the first Matrix movie on a Virgin Atlantic flight a few years back. I liked the movie so much that I ended up watching it a couple of times. I saw the second installment, Matrix Reloaded, a couple of days ago after buying the movie on sale from a local Blockbuster on clearance for $1. Unlike the first movie I didn't find the plot very amusing but I admit the special effects were stunning. I especially liked the chase scene with Trinity and the Keymaker on the Ducati bike.

I have been riding bikes for most of my life. Bikes have been in my blood since early childhood. My protective parents never allowed me to have a bike, so I had to settle for a scooter as a kid. I did however had a friend with a street bike and I would secretly hook up with him any chance I could get. When I finally left home in my late teenage years, I bought my own bike and that was my only transportation for years. Yes, I've heard all the stories about people getting killed or maimed doing dangerous stunts on bikes. I must admit that a teenager or a twenty-something has no business riding a bike. I did my share of dangerous stunts and I can only be thankful today for not having had any major, life-altering (or life-ending) accidents.

Times have changed and I have grown older, but I still continue to ride, albeit much more cautiously than I used to, save an occasional burst of speed. Even so I still feel the same rush I did as a kid watching riders zoom by on rice rockets. I suppose the ultimate dream for a rice-rocketer is owning a Ducati. The Japanese might have the lion's share of that market, but the Italians still make the dream bikes, as they do with cars. Ducatis don't come cheap, but I could afford it today if I wanted to have one. The real quandary is once I own a Ducati, there's little else left for me to wish for in that category. That could be the real reason why I keep stalling on it. Sometimes it's more fun to wish for something than to realize a dream and become wishless in the end. I guess that means I'll be riding my Kawasaki and savoring the envy every time a Ducati leaves me in its dust, at least for a while longer.

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