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Morbid Running

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After running a half marathon last year, I didn't think I'd do it again, even though I had the intention. But here I am, registered to run another one on October 1st. I'm not really sure if I can finish this one, let alone beating my last year's time. What the hell, it's worth a try for a mere $20 entry fee and an early wake-up on Sunday.

I had never attempted a race until last year when I ran my first half marathon. I wasn’t so sure I could finish that one either, but I finished in a relatively decent shape. I'm not much into training and regiments. My diet and other habits remain the same regardless of the upcoming event. The only reason I went for the half marathon last year was to see if I could plain do it. I had started to cover 8 and 10-mile distances and the longest I went prior to the race was just under 12 miles, so while skeptical, I knew I had the chance to complete the half marathon. This year, however, I'm not even trying for long distances. My longest jogs have generally been in the 4 to 5-mile ranges and as usual I never bother timing myself. It'll be interesting to see how I fare with 13.1 miles.

What has been interesting about my jogging route recently are the two adjacent cemeteries that I run through towards the end of my course. I must say that cemeteries make the best jogging routes. I do have a dark side, so running through graveyards fits my profile pretty well. The ones I run trough are calm and serene. There are the occasional birds and crickets and the inhabitants are rather quiet and peaceful. Dead people, after all, are the most inoffensive of people.

As the days grow shorter, I generally find myself jogging in the dark and I must admit that going through the the cemeteries tonight had a spooky feeling. I wonder why, but I couldn't help thinking about scenes from the night of the living dead movie. Thankfully I wasn't accosted by any zombies or ghosts, but as I looked upon the eerie landscape, surrounded by tombstones, I wondered how I would react if I were to run into a few unpleasant surprises. Well, maybe that's just the training I need to quicken my pace and get out of the morbid land as fast as possible. One never knows.

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