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Digg Vs. Centenarians

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I noticed an interesting fact about Digg's registration page today. It's a nice, clean page and, unlike some other sites that ask for everything private but the length of your nose, easy to fill out. The CAPTCHA is a challenge sometimes, but what is a site to do faced with an army of miscreants?

Anyways, the only private question there is the birthday. The day, month, and year fields are all pre-populated drop-downs. That's when I noticed that the year field runs between 1906 and 2006. So let me get this straight, a one month old infant can sign up for Digg, but a 101 year-old senior can't, unless he/she lies about their age. According to the census data there are about 55,000 people in the US with the age 100 or older. There's little doubt that the population of centenarians will continue to rise in the years ahead.

I guess the world really does belong to the young. Alright, I'm not faulting Digg here. I just notice stuff sometimes. We're all guilty of the same sin - writing off the seniors in the society. To borrow a song line from The Who, hope I die before I get old. But most likely their attitude isn’t quite the same anymore. More like, hope I die before I get really really old… well, actually, hope I never die.

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