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Marriage Proposals by Email?

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Marriage Proposals by Email
Maybe I'm over the hill, or perhaps being married for years has blinded me to newer dimensions of matrimonial romance. An online dating site is one thing, but an online marriage site is a completely different matter, at least to me. So imagine my surprise when I saw this Google Ad (to the right) on this very site tonight.

I believe Shaadi is an Indian site. Actually the word in Persian translates to "happiness". Maybe the process of finding a bride is different in India. Perhaps this site is more frequented by parents looking for suitable spouses for their children than potential bachelors and bachelorettes.

Maybe this is just a gimmicky marketing line to draw people into a dating site. Whatever the case, the site seems to be a popular one, judging by its Google and Alexa rankings. I just can’t see how one can meet a potential life-long mate online and send a proposal via an email. Well, going by the tag line, not just one proposal, but multiple ones. It's like a statistical dartboard. Throw enough darts at the board and one is bound to hit bull's eye.

If I were single, I might've given dating sites a try. I'm sure in some instances people end up finding a partner through those sites. But I would hesitate using a site like this one to find a wife. This site certainly ups the ante, by purporting to take care of the whole process, save the actual vows. On second thought, many marriages are long distance these days, so maybe a site like this can handle all the details, complete with a virtual ceremony.

Come to think of it, this could be an appropriate complement to a site like Second Life where a bunch of avatars get together to witness two avatars exchange their vows in a virtual chapel. They could buy a house and furnish it using Linden dollars, have a bunch of avatar kids and grow old together in virtual bliss. Who knows, divorce rates could be much lower in the land of flying sprites than that in the real world. What would the virtual divorce and prenup lawyers do with all their free time?

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