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Ditch Your DBA Today?

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DBAI'm not sure about you, but this ad on a tech site sort of got under my skin. The company claims that this product obviates having a DBA (Database Administrator) managing your databases. As a sign of respect to all DBA's I obscured the company and their product name.

Obviously the message is to get companies to buy this product and then save money by firing their DBA's. I hope no one is foolish enough to believe that they can simply replace their valuable personnel with a software program and expect things to hum along just the same.

I'm only a marginal DBA where I work and we use Microsoft's SQL Server. For our purposes SQL Server has always been a reliable product and relatively easy to manage, but then we don’t deal with mountains of data like some other companies do. Any company that has to contend with gigabytes or terabytes of vital data should realize that a good DBA is worth his or her weight in gold.

A well-trained and diligent DBA makes sure that databases have continuous uptime, manages security, disaster recovery, optimization, reliable connections and handles a slew of other tasks that software could never replace. As for smaller companies, a product such SQL Server comes bundled with enough tools and features that makes a product such as this one unnecessary.

So if your company has never needed a DBA, don’t waste your time and money on a boastful product like this. You're doing just fine without introducing a new product into the mix. Otherwise don’t delude yourself with the idea that you can replace years of experience and training with hype.


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