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Pink Floyd Do Goody-Good Bull-Censor

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Pink FloydBeing a classic rock fan, when I'm not listening to NPR, my car radio is usually tuned to one of the classic rock stations in the area. A while back I started to notice that a lyric line from the Pink Floyd song, Money, was being censored. You know the line:

Money, it's a hit.
Don't give me that do goody good bullshit.

For years I was able to enjoy this song on the radio uninterrupted, and then suddenly the stations began to silence the "shit" portion of "bullshit", totally ruining the song. Was that really necessary? Surely this is yet another attempt by the FCC to regulate what the public can listen to. And we have the gull to criticize countries like Iran and China for censoring their media.

If you ask the moral police, and there are a lot of these hypocrites around, they will retort that those regimes are repressive, stamping down free speech and political dissent. But we only ban profanity, keeping indecent material off the air for the sake of our children.

Is the word "shit" that indecent that we need to plug our children's ears every time it's mentioned? Well I have some sobering news for these misguided bunch. Just like you, who heard and used in these "vulgar" words in your youth, your children are not that dumb. They are fully aware of the forbidden words and probably use them on a daily basis. So please, give it a rest and come off your high horses.

Mind you, I am not advocating that children should use foul language. I don't allow my children to use obscenity around the house, nor do I use it in front of them. In fact I prefer the word "crap" over "shit", and I even resist using that word. But instead of burying our heads in the sand, or be the hypocrites that most adults are, sound judgment would dictate that one should consider the context in which these words are being used.

Pink Floyd bellowing of "Do goody good bullshit" does not lead to moral decay, nor will it rob your children of their childhood. They already know what there is to know about profanity. If your children have lost their moral sense, it's time you look past a few harmless lyrics and seek the real culprits. Looking in the mirror would be a good start.


1 Comment

  1. Right on the money. The artists chose exactly the right word because the subject itself is vulgar and disingenuous.

    Comment by Ken Z. — October 31, 2016 @11:46 pm

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