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RSSFor the longest time, I've been wanting to create a simple feed widget to place on a web page and have it display links from the syndicated site. Easier dreamt than done, until this thanksgiving weekend when I decided to partially put the long holiday to good use and write up a widget tool.

It's a weird thing. I get to be away form work for 4 days, yet I spend my free time coding and learning new programming techniques. There was certainly time spent with family, but for me, delving into coding challenges also has a therapeutic effect. Some programmers may understand the absurdity of this. There's that drudgery factor at work that you don't have to deal with when hobby programming. No boss to report to, no business politics, no users interrupting with questions or problems. I get to set the rules from end to end. Not to mention that at work I'm an ASP.NET programmer, and at home I turn into a PHP coder.

I realize that there are a bunch of these RSS/ATOM widgets already out there. So mine's another one to add to the list. Partial as I may be, I think it does a decent job and it allow for some basic customizations.

Since this is a new utility, consider it in beta mode until I say it's not. If Gmail can be in beta for eternity, why not this one? I've tested it quite a bit, but I'm sure there are still bugs to be fixed. Also I have no idea what impact this may have on my Web hosting account quotas. We'll find out. Documentation is not one of my strengths, but I will eventually produce an FAQ on some of the widget's capabilities, features, and customizations using, for instance, CSS. There are also plans to enhance it further, if there's enough demand for it.

For now, feel free to visit the RSS/ATOM widget tool page, create your JavaScript RSS/ATOM widget, and embed it in your Web pages. Let me know if you run into any bugs or have any suggestions. I'll try to address them as time permits.


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