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Online Car Registration Renewal, Finally

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It's taken a long time. Perhaps a decade late for the Connecticut Department of Motor Vehicles to carry out some transactions online, but better late than never. While most of the private industry has shifted their operations online, the government is painfully behind on that front. The reasons range from the government being generally slow, to having under-paid technology workers and to shunning change. But change is inevitable and the DMV has finally taken some steps to that end.

When I received my registration renewal papers in the mail a couple of weeks ago as I have for years, I started to reach for my dusty checkbook to write a check and mail it in. that's when I noticed a new section on the paperwork detailing their online renewal service. I thought this was one of those payment processing sites that handle credit card payments on behalf of the government offices and charge an extra fee. But no, this was the real deal. An actual DMV site that handled renewals and accepted credit cards with no extra fees.

It took a mere couple of minutes to take care of the business on the site and I had an email confirmation soon after. The renewal document and sticker followed about a week later. It took them quite a long time to get on with the technology but I'm happy that they finally made it. I just hope that enough people make use of it and there are no major glitches to force them back to the old way. Online payment sure beats writing checks and licking stamps.


1 Comment

  1. good job finiding the link! I got mine last week and paid it via Online.

    Comment by Benzy — September 9, 2008 @1:45 pm


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