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Certified U.S. Based Technicians

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Certified U.S. Based TechniciansHere is an interesting banner ad from AT&T I saw tonight while browsing a news site. I'm not sure what the certification process for U.S. based technicians is, but the ad addresses the angst Americans have had dealing with representatives with thick accents, unfriendly attitudes, or low qualifications.

Personally, my experience with foreign agents hasn't been too calamitous. Most have been helpful, and relatively articulate. But I must admit that for those times when I need critical and immediate help, there is no substitute for state-side assistance.

Being an Iranian expat, I know something about foreign cultures and I can say that with some exceptions, U.S. companies offer some of the best customer service around. Not to disparage Iran, but over there you have a snow ball's chance in hell of getting prompt and courteous customer service, unless you're personally known to be a lucrative and loyal customer. It’s the reality of that culture.

And the reality in the U.S. is that customers expect and rightfully deserve to be coddled. I think it's a smart move for AT&T to highlight their state-side operations in their campaigns. If I were shopping around for such a service, I would surely take that into consideration.


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