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Unlike some, I have no illusions about the fact that Obama is just one man against a wall of issues that have gripped this country, thanks in part to the careless and malicious way the previous administration ran its affairs.

The country is in the midst of two wars, fighting global terrorism, butting heads with the old enemy, Russia, and facing a devastating financial crisis with job losses, business failures, home foreclosures, and bankruptcies in huge numbers. Not to mention a long list of social issues like retirement programs, healthcare, affordable education, and transportation.

Obama is right when he says the problems are not easy to fix and will take hard work and patience. It may take generations.

For now, I salute him for having the courage and the fighting spirit to reach the Presidency. I also admire him for frequently mentioning non-believers (atheists and agnostics) in an inclusive way with people of other faiths.

No, he will not be a savior nor a miracle-worker. All we can hope for is that he is honest, smart, and diligent. And in the end even if he accomplishes nothing, that's still a relative positive compared to the way this country was (mis-)led previously.


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