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The Bridge

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The BridgeI'd heard about the documentary movie, The Bridge, and always wanted to see it. Thanks to Hulu I got to watch it last night.

Based on what I had read, the producers had set up cameras around the Golden Gate bridge in San Francisco, filming for the entire year of 2004. The intention was to capture jumpers. Of course they hadn't mentioned that detail on their permit application.

The movie tells the stories of a few jumpers that succumbed to their deaths and one that actually survived the fall. Shots from their attempt is interspersed with interviews with families and friends. It's a powerful commentary on human frailties and struggles.

Possessing a dark side of my own, I can understand why some people may decide to end their lives. What I don't understand is how their logic and reason is so completely circumvented. I must assume that for the jumpers all hope was lost and despair dominated their lives completely. What was striking is that most were young and healthy. I can understand (and support) the desire to die from an elderly patient stricken with a terminal disease, but these people had many chances to turn things around. Time was firmly on their side.

I don't know, who am I to judge? Maybe we make too much of a big deal of life and living. We're all destined to be recycled anyways.

May they rest in peace.


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