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Glorious Winter

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Winter in New England was heralded by a storm that dumped a pile of snow in the area. No records were in danger of being broken though. For many living in the area, the cold and ice and snow are annoying curses, not me. I have a hard time understanding why some people choose to live in a certain area and yet they incessantly complain about the weather. Ok, I don't like the rain much, specially when running, but I try not to whine about it.

To me having the four seasons is a blessing. Yes, the bitter cold and stifling heat are hard to bear on some days, but on balance each season offers its own unique beauty. The arrival of the snow season is a chance for me to get outside and enjoy the serenity and purity of nature. Some may dream of tropical weather, palm trees, and the sound of the waves crashing on the beach. That has its own appeal too, but I wouldn't want to have it year-round.

Winter Swans
As I was passing a lake near my home on one of my jogging routes today, I stopped to appreciate the beauty of my surroundings and snapped this photo. Quite a contrast to my recent Arizona trip where I was jogging in 100-degree desert temperatures, and both quite enjoyable in their own ways.


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