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Miami Beach Running

by @ 12:27 am
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Miami BeachLast year when I was at Miami Beach on business, I went out for a jog on the boardwalk on the western side of the island, but after some distance hit a construction barricade and was forced onto the streets.

This year however, with the construction apparently over, I was pleasantly surprised. The boardwalk extends for a few miles with a good portion nicely made of wooden planks. Now on these trips I don’t have the luxury of jogging in daylight, it's either in early dawn or late at night and in either case I don't get to see the ocean. In those times one must sharpen the other senses to enjoy the proximity to the waterline.

The boardwalk is however nicely lit, so one isn't running in the dark, unless you do as I did on my last run. On my last day I woke up before the dawn and hit the boardwalk running for a good distance, and then I jogged back right at edge of the ocean where the waves crash onto the beach creating a firmer surface to run on. That was probably one of the finest runs I have ever had. With nobody else around, it felt like having the entire beach all to myself.

If you are ever in the Miami area, you might want to give the Miami beach boardwalk a try. Running or walking, day time or night time, it will be an enjoyable experience.


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