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Class Action Beneficiaries

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I received the notice below informing me that I'm a part of the AT&T DSL class action lawsuit. Lucky me. by choosing to stay in the class action, I could receive a whopping $2 in 6 months after filling out and mailing a form to AT&T. This is so beyond stupidity, it's not even laughable. Who's going to even bother?

Obviously and as usual the real beneficiaries here are the lawyers who reap millions of dollars for the case. One could argue that it is the threat of lawsuits that make corporations think twice before ripping off consumers. I'm not so sure. Companies probably look at these events as just the cost of doing business.

So the lawyers get rich, the companies pay a paltry fine and continue to rake in profits, and the consumer who is supposed to be the victim here and the raison d'Γͺtre for the lawsuit gets $2, and that is after begging and waiting. Yeah, that makes a lot of sense!


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