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Google Vs. China

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Today Google decided to pull its operations and Web site out of China. Remember that Google, like many other technology companies, is filled by the sort of people who detest bowing to authority. And why should they? What China calls subversive is people voicing their opinions. Why should any government repress its people? Take away their freedom and deceive them with relentless propaganda and half-truths? Treat them like cattle? What kind of a hellish place would that be to live in? By the way, I am an Iranian ex-pat. Enough said.

Kudos to Google for demonstrating that doing the right thing trumps potential profits and market share growth. Ok, I'm sure Google does have its own evil side too. what corporation doesn't? But any company who would take such a big risk in the name of freedom and human rights deserves respect. My hat's off to Google for showing its spine, not bowing to pressure, and standing up for what's right.


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