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Apple Stock Run-up

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Apple LogoWhich tech company currently holds the highest market capitalization amongst its peers? That would be Microsoft of course, but Apple is second behind by a mere $50 billion. With a market cap of $220 billion, Apple is worth more than just about any other venerable tech company name you can think of. It's worth more than Google, more than Intel, more than HP, IBM, Oracle, or Cisco. That's no small feat, but something tells me the stock is due for a breather.

Yes, I know iPad just rolled off the assembly line with screaming enthusiasts waiting for days to get their hands on them. iPhone continues to roll along and MacBooks and other platforms are doing well too. Apple will be announcing its quaterly results on Apr 20th and it will undoubtedly contain blowout figures.

Things are all looking positive for Apple, but the contrarian in me thinks that everything looks too perfect with Apple and that's when things usually start to go wrong. Case in point: Toyota.

So my expectation is for Apple's stock to fall after their earnings announcement. If not immediately, then in the immediate days following the release. Of course this is just a guess. If I were that sure, I'd short Apple or buy a few Put contracts, and I'm not. But is Apple really worth its $220 billion market cap or more? Obviously some investors out there believe that. I just don't think so.


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