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Google Voice Transcription

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Google VoiceOne of the features of Google Voice that I really like is the transcription service. Anytime a message is left on my number an email with the transcript of the message is shot out to me. That lets me quickly determine the nature of the message and take action.

As good as the service's speech recognition is, it's not perfect, so sometimes it generates hilarious or incoherent ramblings, like this one I received recently:

Hi Larry King, I don't know Michelle about it, but she I'm concerned it be a member of the panel initial back you cat and then they handle the hike so I don't have to do so if you got it. I don't know I said If you look. I think if you gimme a call some time with you and I think it's about. I don't really know close contact, we'll get to know that the back fish. I just got back and I will be at a short of message. Mostly across Hunting with a panic, but I don't know even.

Thankfully a player is also included with the transcript so one could listen to the actual message. Imagine my surprise when I clicked "Play" and heard my mother's voice speaking in Persian. Obviously the transcription service isn't tuned for the Persian language. My mother might get forgetful at times, but I'm pretty certain she wouldn't address me as Larry King 🙂

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