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Austin, Trails, Bats and Springs

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Last week I was in Austin, TX setting up for a show that my company runs. My initial reaction to the city wasn't so favorable but as time went on, the city grew on me. These were the attractions that I was able to catch in Austin.

The trails - The Lady Bird lake has a long and beautiful dirt trail running alongside made for running. I did a number of happy runs and walks on this trail. There are quite of a number of hikers, runners and dog walkers on this trail. Most are pretty young and I assume they're students at the nearby University of Texas. This is a very long trail and hooks into other trails so careful not to get lost, I did.

The bats - Austin is home to the largest urban bat colony in the world. You can smell them anywhere near the Congress Ave bridge. Just before dusk the entire colony from the bridge and the surrounding areas takes flight. It's a surreal scene with a million bats filling the skies like dark clouds. I was lucky enough to witness that event one night. It's something you don't forget.

The springs - Barton springs that is. I went running on the trails the first day and got lost, but that's how I discovered this gem. So on my last day in Austin with not much time to spare I went to the Barton Springs pool and did a 20 min dip. Hardly enough time to enjoy the refreshing cold water, the giant pool and the surroundings and all that for $3.

Austin is a weird town and apparently it prides itself in that. Weirded me out.

Austin Bats

Austin Barton Springs

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  1. Excellent run at Ridgefield half on Sunday. Bested me and the ER doc, Bill Begg, who saved my life in the 2007 race, by 5 minutes.

    best regards,

    Comment by Roy van Eick — October 3, 2011 @10:51 pm


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