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Who's the real prostitute?

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Every time a woman is labeled a prostitute (like the story below) it irks me to no end. The word has such a negative and insulting connotation, its liberal usage should be avoided.

So these women sell sexual services. What exactly is wrong with that, if they're of age and not forced into it? Before you judge these women on moral grounds, consider how many wives would deny their husbands sex, if their men stopped lavishing them on holidays or birthdays.

A bunch of cheap and perverted men on a presidential trip tricked these women and stole services from them, and the women are the prostitutes? The real prostitutes are those pathetic men and the media for demeaning these women.

Open Channel - Prostitute at center of Secret Service scandal: 'I would have been able to get any information'.

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  1. hmmm..


    Comment by wellsport — May 4, 2012 @10:29 pm


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