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Microsoft + Yahoo > Google?

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Microsoft + Yahoo Google?For those of us who might have thought that Microsoft's acquisition of Yahoo was an ace in the hole, this blog post from a Google bigwig might give a pause.

Could Google be joining the likes of IBM, SUN, RealNetworks, Borland, Novell and Netscape who've lodged anti-trust complaints in various regulatory bodies around the world against Microsoft? Alright, no tears for Microsoft here. We all know this company is predatory and brutal when it wants to subjugate competitors. But can Google with a 75% share in their market (online search) really have a valid complaint here?

Apparently so, and I'm actually surprised that Google has even addressed this acquisition rather than giving its characteristic aloof response. With Google's market value markedly below its 52-week high and facing slowdown or saturation in some of its markets, I can understand why the giant is suddenly feeling worried about its prospects.

Can this acquisition finally give Microsoft the needed ammunition to meaningfully challenge Google? Only time will tell, but the fact that Google is feeling uneasy about it promises some interesting jousting and parrying ahead.

Whatever the case, I hope Google doesn't lose its grip and mire itself in a long battle with Microsoft. Instead it should just stick to its guns, do no evil, and continue to innovate around Microsoft. In the end Google may still get run over by the behemoth, but I really hope Microsoft doesn't win this match, with or without yahoo. It will be a dark day on the Internet if Microsoft strips Google of its status just by its monopolistic tactics.


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