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Pine Mountain, Ridgefield, CT

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Hard to believe that I've had a jewel of a hike within a walking distance of my house (where I've lived for year) and I hadn't been to the top of it until a only few of weeks ago.

This is a part of a parcel of land that my hometown, Ridgefield, CT, took from the salivating fangs of a residential developer some years ago using the eminent domain process. The land was quickly turned over to the state of Connecticut and designated as a state park to be enjoyed by people and animals forever.

I have been hiking this trail every week since discovering the splendid scenery at the Pine Mountain lookout, and I think about how close we came to losing this beauty to bulldozers, trucks and steam rollers. When the dust will have settled, instead of the trees and the streams, there would have been rows of McMansions with manicured lawns and European luxury sedans parked upfront. How typically nauseating.

Instead, this is what we have and I know more than just me are thankful for it. Enjoy the pics.

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