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Deep Blue Sky

by @ 7:17 pm
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A couple of weeks ago while hiking in the back woods and taking some pictures, I decided to take a picture from the sky. When I looked at the picture afterwards, the deep blue color of the sky really struck me.

Hope you enjoy the photo as much as I do. Don't know if the camera had made any internal adjustments to the colors when I snapped the photo, but other than scaling down to post here, no editing of any kind has been done to it. It's straight from the smartphone camera.

deep blue sky

Pine Mountain, Ridgefield, CT

by @ 11:02 pm
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Hard to believe that I've had a jewel of a hike within a walking distance of my house (where I've lived for year) and I hadn't been to the top of it until a only few of weeks ago.

This is a part of a parcel of land that my hometown, Ridgefield, CT, took from the salivating fangs of a residential developer some years ago using the eminent domain process. The land was quickly turned over to the state of Connecticut and designated as a state park to be enjoyed by people and animals forever.

I have been hiking this trail every week since discovering the splendid scenery at the Pine Mountain lookout, and I think about how close we came to losing this beauty to bulldozers, trucks and steam rollers. When the dust will have settled, instead of the trees and the streams, there would have been rows of McMansions with manicured lawns and European luxury sedans parked upfront. How typically nauseating.

Instead, this is what we have and I know more than just me are thankful for it. Enjoy the pics.

Lost in the Woods

by @ 8:39 pm
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I probably broke a bunch of hiking rules today when I went exploring in one of the state parks in my hometown. It was a nice hike until I decided to head back and about half hour into the return trip and lost in thought, it occurred to me that I had no idea where I was.

For about an hour I went to and fro chasing one trail into another trail and then back into yet another, until I had completely scrambled my sense of orientation and direction. This isn't a huge park, but the uninitiated could go in circles on various trails until they run out of steam. I'm fairly sure I was going in circles and wasn't getting anywhere fast.

Eventually I decided to ditch the unknown trail I was on and descend over the side of the mountain in a desperate attempt to find the original trail. The gamble paid off and soon I was relieved to be back in familiar territory and followed my way back to the trailhead.

As for the hiking rules I had broken, I think this list is a good summary, but in no particular order:

  • Hike with a partner.
  • Pack some food and water.
  • Have a map of the trails.
  • Take these: compass, cell phone, flashlight, GPS.
  • Tell someone about your hiking plan.

Stay safe.

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