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Deep Blue Sky

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A couple of weeks ago while hiking in the back woods and taking some pictures, I decided to take a picture from the sky. When I looked at the picture afterwards, the deep blue color of the sky really struck me. Hope you enjoy the photo as much as I do. Don't know if the — Continue reading ยป

Pine Mountain, Ridgefield, CT

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Hard to believe that I've had a jewel of a hike within a walking distance of my house (where I've lived for year) and I hadn't been to the top of it until a only few of weeks ago. This is a part of a parcel of land that my hometown, Ridgefield, CT, took from — Continue reading ยป

Lost in the Woods

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I probably broke a bunch of hiking rules today when I went exploring in one of the state parks in my hometown. It was a nice hike until I decided to head back and about half hour into the return trip and lost in thought, it occurred to me that I had no idea where — Continue reading ยป

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