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Amazon, a 'Predator'

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Kudos to this publisher for having the courage and vision to remove its titles from Amazon.com.  This is what the CEO of the publishing company said of Amazon:

Amazon is squeezing everyone out of business. I don’t like that. They’re a predator. We’re better off without them.

Google's mantra of "don't be evil" should really be "don't be like Amazon". It cheats its affiliates, it dodges taxes, it's anti-competitive, it abuses publishers, and it does all that with the attitude of hubris and entitlement.

Amazon wants us to believe that it's all about "out with the old and in with the new." Nice try, it's more like "out with competition and in with monopoly."

Amazon’s E-Book Pricing a Constant Thorn for Publishers - NYTimes.com.

Disclaimer: I have disliked Amazon for some time.

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