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1&1 Missing SPF Record

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One of my Web applications is hosted on 1&1 and it generally performs fine except for one problem. I have the application set up to send me emails based on certain events and I have noticed that some of those emails land in my spam folder. Here's why. The problem with applications on 1&1 shared — Continue reading Β»

Prospectus Paper Waste

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Like many people I have a 401(k) account through my employer, invested in a few mutual funds. I can appreciate that by law mutual fund companies have to send their clients their prospectuses (prospecti?) whenever there is a change in their investment strategies, but I was getting tired of receiving these booklets in the mail. — Continue reading Β»

Gmail Inbox Changes

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Beginning about 3 or 4 days ago I've noticed a change in the way Gmail groups emails together. It seems to be a subtle algorithm change but it appears that the glue has been watered down a bit. Email messages definitely don’t hang together the way they used to. Now many come In as separate — Continue reading Β»

Gmail Mail Fetcher

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A colleague of mine sent me a note today regarding a new addition to Gmail, Google's free email account. It's called mail fetcher and it allows a person to import mail from other email accounts using the POP protocol. It's a trivial feature which other services such as Yahoo and Hotmail have had for years, — Continue reading Β»

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