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Bush-whacked I am beginning to think that President Bush has simply lost his mind. I actually didn't mind the man so much in the beginning. Even during his premature arrogance when he had declared himself president before the presidential elections were final and official. Now he must be viewed as a threat and a menace. — Continue reading ยป

The Overseas Threat

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The Overseas Threat Last night, sitting on a barstool with friend who works for the IT department of a large organizations, our conversation drifted to the topic that's on every IT person's mind who works in the Western hemisphere. The Indian invasion. Of course it was jobs we were talking about and India is by — Continue reading ยป


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Euthanasia The other day I was talking to friend and musing about how unfair it is that hardened criminals meet their destiny in absolute peace and serenity through lethal injection. Strapped to a gurney, they are mercifully put to death by inducing unconsciousness followed by a painless death via the injection of a heart-stopping chemical. — Continue reading ยป

The Dollar-drums

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The Dollar-drums the dollar gyrations has got me worried about our future prospects in this country (usa). in this global economy, it's no longer how many dollars you have, but how much can you get for your dollars. the euro continues to show definitive and resilient strength against the dollar. word has it that the — Continue reading ยป

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