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Dedicated to Cocoa, the rabbit

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Living in the woods we're surrounded by animals and we see our share of dead squirrels, geese, and deer among others. But when death hits one of your pets, it is specially painful. In our case, one of our rabbits, Cocoa, passed away this morning of some mysterious disease that started by paralyzing his hind — Continue reading Β»

Pollution smells like progress

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I travel to my native country of Iran every few years and find it immensely interesting. It's easy for people living in the West to get caught up in the political news and commentaries and forget that at the heart of every society there are people just like themselves. For me, it’s like being a — Continue reading Β»

Google Adsense on YPN

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Here's an interesting ad I noticed on Yahoo Publisher Network (YPN) the other day. I didn't think these guys would run ads touting their direct competitors, but here it is, an Adsense ad displayed on YPN. I can't say with certainty whether this ad was placed directly by Google, although I don't see a rationale — Continue reading Β»

YPN or Adsense

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A few months ago Yahoo announced their version of a contextual advertising program and begun signing up publishers for the beta program. Finally, a couple of days ago I was invited to join the beta program known as Yahoo Publisher Network, a.k.a. YPN. YPN is a direct competitor to a similar product, Adsense, by Google. — Continue reading Β»

Tehran street

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A nice picture from Enghelab square in Tehran (previously known as beest-o-chahar-esfand square). Too crowded and polluted? You bet. — Continue reading Β»

Hello from Tehran

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Hard to believe that I am writing this blog from an internet caf? in Iran. It?s been nearly 4 years since I visited Iran last and it?s good to be back in the native country.   Things haven?t changed much, Lots of traffic, pollution, and death defying stunts crossing the streets. Crossing streets in Tehran — Continue reading Β»

Death is too easy

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I wonder what goes on in the diabolical mind of a man who rapes and murders an innocent child. In this case the culprit was captured and a jury found him guilty. Insane or not, these parasites have no right to life, but there is plenty of good uses for them. Instead we waste perfect — Continue reading Β»

Jogging in the rain

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You've gotto love the Northeast weather. One minute it's warm and the next minute it gets cold with a heavy downpour.   Such was my jogging for tonight. While I knew the rain was on the way, I thought I might get lucky and beat it. No such luck. I jogged my entire 5-mile route — Continue reading Β»

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