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The End of Cheap Domains

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Got an email from 1&1, the German domain and hosting company, that their domain pricing is being raised. In order to stay competitive and continue to offer you excellent services, we need to adjust our pricing structure. The following new domain rates will be changed to $14.99/year, dependent on your individual renewal date, at earliest — Continue reading Β»

Amazon’s .book domain grab

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I'm not sure why anyone would see any reason behind Amazon's move to hoard a bunch of gTLDs (global top level domains), other than pure greed. In a recent open letter (PDF) to ICANN, Association of American Publishers rightfully opposed granting Amazon the control of the .book gTLD. It states: In short, Amazon makes clear — Continue reading Β»

Megaupload Injustice

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So the founder of Megaupload is back with another file-sharing service. Good for him and good for the millions of would be users who use such services. Let's reserve judgement on what Megaupload is allegedly guilty of but one thing is for sure, American media is but a means to corrupt and bend minds and — Continue reading Β»

Too Small to Succeed

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I used to think that the Internet was the great equalizer in the business world. A small guy with programming skills and a big drive sets up a new site and offers a novel service. The service goes viral and the small guy becomes a small company and builds and expands his way to success. — Continue reading Β»

GoDaddy is Sorry

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Got an email of apology from GoDaddy for the outage they had earlier this week. It sure was a real pain for many and no doubt many lost business over it. The hosting customers have received a one-month credit for their trouble. The rest, who have a domain or two with GoDaddy, only got the — Continue reading Β»

Amazon, Target, and Showrooming

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Last week came the news that Target stores will no longer carry Amazon's Kindle readers. The bold move was basically a retaliatory reaction by Target to what is known as showrooming. Showrooming is how Amazon encourages its users to visit various physical stores, check out or even try out various merchandize and then go back — Continue reading Β»

Facebook Privacy?

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Who needs spies and detectives when people willingly put all their personal data for the whole world to see? Funny how parts of the world pine for a littleΒ reliefΒ from the prying eyes of their governments, yet in the US people are addicted to sharing everything with everyone, including the government. The young can be excused — Continue reading Β»

Comcast Raises Rates (on Fixed-Price Contracts!)

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Sometimes I don't know how companies get away with their sleazy tactics, but I guess it's because they are loaded and consumers have little power to stand up to them. Q - If you are Comcast how do you make sure your business customers don't leave you? A - Lock them into long-term, fixed-price service — Continue reading Β»

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