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TaxAct Bests TurboTax and TaxCut

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Evil or not, paying the IRS (U.S. Internal Revenue Service) is just a part of life. With the April 15th deadline rapidly approaching I decided to file a little earlier and get the drudgery out of the way, especially since there was a refund to be claimed. Why leave that on the table too long? — Continue reading ยป

Discover Card

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My memory is hazy on this, but I think Discover Card was the first credit card I ever had. What I'm sure of is that Discover Card was the only credit card I carried in my wallet for years. I signed up for mine back in college years when credit card companies were just beginning — Continue reading ยป

Energy Policy? Daylight-Saving Time (DST)

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Here we go again. As if this whole idea of daylight-saving time (DST) wasn't bad enough, this year the US has decided to tweak the time-shift and spring forward 3 weeks in advance. I received an email from one of our vendors a few days ago regarding the change and this was a part of — Continue reading ยป

Houses, Roofs, and Snow

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There's an old Persian adage that states: "The bigger one's roof, the more one's snow". Living on America's east coast the adage doesn't really apply. The roofs are generally pitched and snow simply thaws and slides off. Back in Iran where most roofs are flat and building structures are of questionable soundness, people are forced — Continue reading ยป

Tax Break Myth

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Republicans like to pride themselves in supporting lower taxes. That is indeed a great ideal. The problem is that today such a view is plain false. I'm a middle class citizen, and I can speak with authority that the tax breaks have meant very little in terms of helping me achieve fiscal success. In fact, — Continue reading ยป

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