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Google Voice Gets More MMS

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I have been a Google Voice (GV) user for years. It's been an indispensible product for me. I have the app on my Android phone, the plugin on my Chrome browser, and text/voicemail forwarding on Gmail. I don't even know my own cell phone number by heart because GV is my main number. The only — Continue reading »

Bait and Switch Google Adwords

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We're all familiar with targeted banners these days. Visit a shoe site and suddenly all banners in various web sites are shoe-related. It seems the banner scammers/hijackers have figured this out too. Recently I noticed suspicious Adwords banners originating from a site called adnxs.com. My guess is that the malware authors use Adwords or similar networks — Continue reading »

Facebook Like, The Big Fake

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Earlier this year this insightful article delved into the business of click farming where people and businesses (and apparently even the US government) pay shady companies a modest fee for thousands of Facebook likes, or Twitter followers, or YouTube views. Only that these likes and clicks are generated by click farms, either malware robots and — Continue reading »

The Web (Google) Fear

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Gmail is having intermittent outages today but when i saw the below page my heart sank thinking they had suspended my account. The message is so personal: We're sorry but your Gmail account is temporarily unavailable. Seems innocent enough until you start thinking, what if it is my account only? Have I been banned, am I — Continue reading »

YouTube Disable-Annotation Broken

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I've never liked annotations on YouTube videos. They are more annoying than useful, so I had my account configured to never show them by unchecking the box as shown below. But recently YouTube has been ignoring this setting and the only way to shut off annotations is from the Settings icon on every playback, Quite — Continue reading »

Outlook is Private - Really!

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Logging into my Hotmail/Outlook account this morning I was greeted with this message touting the benefits of Outlook. They saved the best for last, claiming that "Outlook is private". Talk about false advertising.   It was barely a week ago when news leaked that Microsoft had snooped on an employee's Hotmail account while investigating a — Continue reading »

NCAA basketball Brackets on Google

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Kind of late to mention this as we get close to the end of the 2014 NCAA men's college basketball championship games, but Google has made it easy to check on the games in progress and their results. Just type in bracket in Google and get the info at the top of the results page. Best — Continue reading »

IP Address on Google

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Google Search seems to always be adding new features. From measurement conversions to calculator to word definitions, users can get answers to many of their questions without clicking on any results at all. That's good news for users, but not so for sites who rely on search results for users to click on. One example — Continue reading »

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