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What Gmail Needs, Action Icons

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I have been a Gmail user since its debut and have never looked back since I migrated from Hotmail so many years ago. But I still use Hotmail (now known as Outlook) and Yahoo Mail on occasion for trivial emailing and one of the great features that they offer is one-click actions for delete or — Continue reading Β»

Berkshire Hathaway Over $1.5 Million

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Way to go Google Finance, showing Berkshire Hathaway Class A sharesΒ up by over 900% at the close of the market today. I almost jumped out of my seat when I saw that. Warren Buffett probably thought: "My company is worth only $3 trillion?" Google has since fixed the quote. It's back to its actual value — Continue reading Β»

Older Chrome Extensions to Go Away

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I have two free Chrome extensions published a few years ago on the Chrome Web Store. NOREF is an extension that attempts to alter links on web pages so no referer info is sent to servers. JunkFill is the other extension that lets users fill out web page forms with random or pre-determined data with — Continue reading Β»

AdSense, 10 Years Old and My 72-Hour Warning

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AdSense, Google's affiliate advertising product for publishers is 10 years old and I just received a warning from them that one of my sites, padfly.com, does not conform to their policies and I have 3 "working" days to clean it up or else they would block their ads on that site forever. Should I cheer — Continue reading Β»

Food on Google

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I'm not a health nut but I do run regularly and enjoy eating healthy food. I don't know a vegetable or fruit that I don't like, a trait inherited from my late father. Sometimes I like to look up the nutrition info on a banana or broccoli just for fun and now Google has made — Continue reading Β»

Goggles Can't Read QR Code

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Not sure if it's the latest version of Goggles app or if it's Jelly Bean, but since upgrading my Samsung Galaxy S2 to Android Jelly Bean, Goggles can't read the majority of QR codes it encounters. I had a friend try Goggles on his Jelly Bean HTC and it was the same situation. Another friend — Continue reading Β»

Google Keep

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Here comes a new service from Google called 'Keep'. It's basically aΒ utilityΒ to create notes and task lists and access them from anywhere including one's smartphone. I suppose it is a reincarnation of the old Google Notebook. Many have dubbed Keep the Evernote killer. Probably an over-reaction, but I don't use Evernote. Years ago I created — Continue reading Β»

Google Voice, Still No MMS Support

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Recently someone asked me if I had received their text message. I am a Google Voice user and had not received the text message. Worse yet, the person hadn't received a bounce either so apparently the text had just vanished without a trace. Turns out that the person had actually attached a photo to the — Continue reading Β»

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