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Mexican Coca-Cola

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When I was a kid growing up in Iran, one of my favorite places to go was to my grandparents' on weekends. Sometimes they'd would order out Chelo-Kabab (lamb kebab with rice), and while many Iranians like their yoghurt drinks, for us no soft drink could complement Chelo-Kabab quite like an ice-cold Coke, or Koka, — Continue reading ยป

Beavis and Butthead Return

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Beavis and Butthead, the cartoon series about two mischievous, conniving, simpletons in high school is coming back on MTV in October. We're not talking the reruns of the old episodes that ended nearly 15 years ago. These are brand new episodes with the original creator, Mike Judge, at the helm and still doing the voices — Continue reading ยป

No Soliciting Sign

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Magazine peddlers, religious preachers, and other door surfers seem to always ring the doorbell at the worst times. Is there a good time for this anyways? To put an end to this incessant parade of annoyance, I went looking for a simple "No Soliciting" sign on the Internet to tape to my door. I couldn't — Continue reading ยป

Snow in Tehran

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It has been an interesting winter season. Here in the Northeast US we've been getting a good dose of the white stuff in what seem to be endless days of snow. No complaints from me. I actually like shoveling the stuff. But as fate had it in for me, I also got to shovel snow — Continue reading ยป

Sun Chips Noisy Bags

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Wouldn't call myself a fan, but I like the regular Sun chips and I sometimes get a small bag to go with my sandwich. I've been hearing about the new noisy bags for some time but until last week I had no idea what the complaints were all about. So last week I was at — Continue reading ยป

Wealth and Philanthropy

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Wealthy people who like to flash their material possessions rub me the wrong way. But that's not Warren Buffett's style and I admire him for it. I'm not sure what kind of person I would have been if I had his kind of wealth, but if a person is destined to become filthy rich, then — Continue reading ยป


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Today while shopping at Costco, I had to pause and contemplate how weird us humans really are. It happened when I was grabbing a bag of bananas. Being a wholesale store, you can get a ton of bananas in bags for $1.32 at Costco. Some bags may have 10 while others may have 12 bananas. — Continue reading ยป

The Bahamas

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A beach resort isn't exactly my idea of a vacation spot. I'm more of a desert and mountain type and I like it cheap. The Bahamas has no mountains and it's not cheap, but keeping a promise to my children, I recently visited the country and came back rather positive about the experience. Ok, no — Continue reading ยป

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