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Google's GrandCentral

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The other day I received an email from GrandCentral with the subject line: Invitation to sign up for GrandCentral. Like everyone else I receive plenty of bogus invitations to sign up for this or register for that. It smelled like spam. "Who the hell is GrandCentral?", I thought. But before clicking the spam button, I — Continue reading Β»

IP address and Host name Scripts

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As some of you know, this site contains several utilities in the tools section. One of these tools is JavaScript Visitor IP Address and Host Name. It's a simple JavaScript block that can be placed inside any web page and it displays or prints the visitor's IP address and host name. As is with the — Continue reading Β»

Answers.com Creative Writing Challenge

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I'd almost forgotten about this, but an email notification from answers.com reminded me that I had entered the first-ever answers.com's creative writing challenge a couple of weeks ago. The rules were simple enough. Take ten words, pre-selected by answers.com, and write a prose, a poem, or an essay in your blog or web page. Hyper-link — Continue reading Β»

Internet Network Storage

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We've got hard drives in our desktops and laptops. Then there are NAS (Network Attached Storage) and SAN (Storage Area Network) that we use at work. There are USB thumb/flash drives, SD and microSD memory cards that we use at home. And there are the myriad access protocols, whether local or network, such as SCSI, — Continue reading Β»

Web Scratchpad, Notepad, Clipboard - PADFLY.COM

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The other day I was chasing a problem on one of our servers. While searching for a solution on my desktop I happened upon a web page that seemed to present a solution. At this point I wanted to go over to the server, pull up the web page and try some of the suggestions. — Continue reading Β»

Gmail Inbox Changes

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Beginning about 3 or 4 days ago I've noticed a change in the way Gmail groups emails together. It seems to be a subtle algorithm change but it appears that the glue has been watered down a bit. Email messages definitely don’t hang together the way they used to. Now many come In as separate — Continue reading Β»

Ditch Your DBA Today?

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I'm not sure about you, but this ad on a tech site sort of got under my skin. The company claims that this product obviates having a DBA (Database Administrator) managing your databases. As a sign of respect to all DBA's I obscured the company and their product name. Obviously the message is to get — Continue reading Β»

Answers Buys Dictionary

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I guess you can call this another case of over-inflated pricing for domain names. Answers.com has agreed to acquire Lexico, the parent of dictionary.com, thesaurus.com, and reference.com for $100 million. Answers.com's market cap is currently below $100 million, and I doubt there's much cash in the bank for this acquisition, so I assume there's third — Continue reading Β»

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