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Proxy Server Woes

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Troubleshooting misbehaving Web applications is a part of my job at work. Most of the time it's some buggy code that I or someone in our team had written. But sometimes I get approached about system problems too, like when a browser is having connection issues and can't access Web sites. If you are in — Continue reading ยป

Adult Bicycle Helmet Law

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A couple of entries ago I griped about the seatbelt law and how I was caught and ticketed for not wearing one driving in Westchester county, NY. Little did I know that there is a move afoot in the same county to make bicycle helmets mandatory. Mind you, this is not for children (which I — Continue reading ยป

Half Marathon 2007

    ๐Ÿ“‚ Running-hiking         ๐Ÿ—จ No Comments

Maybe it was the heat and humidity, or my pony tail, or my worn-out shoes, or my usual lackadaisical training, but the results of my 2007 half marathon was nothing to write home about. This was my third annual half marathon race in a row in my hometown of Ridgefield, CT, and by far the — Continue reading ยป

Lucid, A Short Story

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After submitting my first short story to Answers.com's Creative Writing Challenge, I hadn't intended to write another one. But then one night, as I was jogging, my mind wandered off and I began formulating another short story incorporating the words from the second writing challenge. I usually contemplate software and programming challenges while pounding the — Continue reading ยป

Keeping Humans in Space

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Being a space exploration fan (hard not to be when you're a trekkie), I try to keep up with the news and commentaries on the subject. I was disappointed with this recent article in which an respected scientist criticizes manned space missions. In his view, many of NASA's projects that revolve around putting men in — Continue reading ยป

Seatbelt Trouble

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It was bound to happen again. After my first incident of getting snagged in Manhattan a few years ago for not wearing a seatbelt, I got caught again, this time in Westchester county. Not that I wish to get snagged. I almost hate paying the fine more than wearing the dreaded seatbelt, but I suppose — Continue reading ยป

Joshua Tree National Park

    ๐Ÿ“‚ Health         ๐Ÿ—จ No Comments

In my recent business trip to California, I took a couple of extra days to spend time with my sister. We both grew up in Iran at the base of the Alborz mountains and many weekends outside of the winter season, my father insisted that we accompany him on his hiking trips up the mountains. — Continue reading ยป

Google's GrandCentral

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The other day I received an email from GrandCentral with the subject line: Invitation to sign up for GrandCentral. Like everyone else I receive plenty of bogus invitations to sign up for this or register for that. It smelled like spam. "Who the hell is GrandCentral?", I thought. But before clicking the spam button, I — Continue reading ยป

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