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What Gmail Needs, Action Icons

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I have been a Gmail user since its debut and have never looked back since I migrated from Hotmail so many years ago. But I still use Hotmail (now known as Outlook) and Yahoo Mail on occasion for trivial emailing and one of the great features that they offer is one-click actions for delete or — Continue reading Β»

Was Bitcoin a Fad?

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Remember the Million Dollar Homepage? Back then everyone thought pixel advertising was the future of web marketing. People went crazy over it, pixel sites popped up like weed, and then the whole thing faded away like it was never there. To me that is what bitcoin is. Sure, I have a few bitcoins and I'd — Continue reading Β»

2013 NYC Marathon

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The New York City marathon is everything they say and much more. I have been to a few races in my time and to New York city as a visitor (including one new year's eve) but nothing like this. The city was alive, electric, vibrant, and loud, and so was I as a runner. I — Continue reading Β»

2013 NYC Marathon Road Closures

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Took me some time on Google to find out about the road closures during the 2013 New York City marathon. Head on over toΒ Gridlock SamΒ for that info. Figured another entry for this post in the Google index maybe helpful to those searching for this info. Good luck to the runners. — Continue reading Β»

Wordpress 'page_option' Hack

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Wordpress is a great publishing product but its popularity is also its Achilles heel. It's notorious for being a favorite target of hackers and many have been successful in compromising plenty of installations out there, including this one. Having automated monitoring software is certainly a prudent way to stay on top of things, but in — Continue reading Β»

Berkshire Hathaway Over $1.5 Million

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Way to go Google Finance, showing Berkshire Hathaway Class A sharesΒ up by over 900% at the close of the market today. I almost jumped out of my seat when I saw that. Warren Buffett probably thought: "My company is worth only $3 trillion?" Google has since fixed the quote. It's back to its actual value — Continue reading Β»

My EPUB Journey - A Sort of EPUB Primer

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With the proliferation of the mobile devices, books have morphed into digital versions and are increasingly viewed in their digital rather then paper formats. To that end there are several popular formats for e- books. PDF, the well-established type from Adobe has been around for many years and still widely used for digital books, but — Continue reading Β»

Add Newline After SSI (Server Side Include)

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Recently I noticed that my Chrome browser was having issues displaying some of the web pages on this site. The pages wouldn't load at all or would only load partially. After some investigating it turned out that those pages were of SSI type, usually having extensions .shtml or .shtm. Such pages could also have other — Continue reading Β»

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