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iUniverse, eBooks, and Copyright

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back in June 2012 I received an email from iUniverse regarding my book, Financial Markets For The Rest Of Us. In that email iUniverse, my book's publisher, proudly exclaimed that they have converted my book to the EPUB format and have submitted it to multiple sites. Here's an excerpt: We are glad to inform you — Continue reading Β»

Why did you write about Jesus?

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Fox network never ceases to be amusing, specially with the women they hire. Fox woman: as a Moslem why did you write about Jesus? Author: I didn't write it as a MoslemΒ , but as a scholar. Fox woman: but you are a MoslemΒ , why did you write about Jesus? Author: I have a PhD in — Continue reading Β»

Dialogue With USA, Bad Idea… For Iran

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The latest on the nuclear stale-mate with Iran is a report suggesting that Iran's imminent and reform-minded administration may be interested in direct talks with the US. I am no fan of the Iranian regime but a much lesser fan of the American foreign policy. America has proven time and time again that it can — Continue reading Β»

Hot Humid Running

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A dome of heat and humidity has covered the northeast for some time now and doesn't seem ready to move on. Running in such condition isn't fun, but some of us endorphin junkies don’t have a choice. Conditions be damned, the run must go on. Read an interesting and humorous article on this and some — Continue reading Β»

Network Solutions, More Like Network Problems

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Network Solutions (netsol), the company behind domain names had a rough day today and it dragged its customers down with it. Apparently a DDoS attack knocked out their network making hosted web sites and DNS servers inaccessible. This site, while not hosted on netsol, does have its name servers hosted with them and so it — Continue reading Β»

Older Chrome Extensions to Go Away

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I have two free Chrome extensions published a few years ago on the Chrome Web Store. NOREF is an extension that attempts to alter links on web pages so no referer info is sent to servers. JunkFill is the other extension that lets users fill out web page forms with random or pre-determined data with — Continue reading Β»

AdSense, 10 Years Old and My 72-Hour Warning

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AdSense, Google's affiliate advertising product for publishers is 10 years old and I just received a warning from them that one of my sites, padfly.com, does not conform to their policies and I have 3 "working" days to clean it up or else they would block their ads on that site forever. Should I cheer — Continue reading Β»

Food on Google

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I'm not a health nut but I do run regularly and enjoy eating healthy food. I don't know a vegetable or fruit that I don't like, a trait inherited from my late father. Sometimes I like to look up the nutrition info on a banana or broccoli just for fun and now Google has made — Continue reading Β»

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