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Bait and Switch Google Adwords

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We're all familiar with targeted banners these days. Visit a shoe site and suddenly all banners in various web sites are shoe-related. It seems the banner scammers/hijackers have figured this out too. Recently I noticed suspicious Adwords banners originating from a site called adnxs.com. My guess is that the malware authors use Adwords or similar networks — Continue reading »

Facebook Like, The Big Fake

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Earlier this year this insightful article delved into the business of click farming where people and businesses (and apparently even the US government) pay shady companies a modest fee for thousands of Facebook likes, or Twitter followers, or YouTube views. Only that these likes and clicks are generated by click farms, either malware robots and — Continue reading »

Lima, Peru

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A couple of photos from Lima, Peru where I visited earlier this year. Google's Picasa did a good job stitching a few photo fragments to make panoramic views. Click to see full size. The first one is right off the Lima coast in the Mira Flores district. Surfers are visible in the Pacific. The second, a — Continue reading »

The Rio, Las Vegas

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A few shots of Las Vegas from the top of the Rio hotel where I rode their newly opened Voodoo zip line.                                                     — Continue reading »

Amazon and Walmart

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I don't know what the traders were really expecting when Amazon reported losses two weeks ago. It's the same broken record for the past 20 years. Trust us, we are investing in the future. The future is an awesome alibi because it's always in the, well, future. It'll never come. So the stock has been sliding since the earnings (or — Continue reading »

Microsoft Wants 20,000 More But 18,000 Less

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Can anyone speculate what Microsoft is doing these days? Never mind the lack of focus that is so obvious in their products and strategies, but apparently dementia has hit the core of the company as well. It wasn't even 2 years ago that  Microsoft was throwing fits like a child to raise the H1B visa limits because it — Continue reading »

The Web (Google) Fear

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Gmail is having intermittent outages today but when i saw the below page my heart sank thinking they had suspended my account. The message is so personal: We're sorry but your Gmail account is temporarily unavailable. Seems innocent enough until you start thinking, what if it is my account only? Have I been banned, am I — Continue reading »

Stack Overflow on stackoverflow.com

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Ok, they're down for maintenance but for a second I thought their site had really blown the stack 🙂 — Continue reading »

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